Video Poker

Video Poker Online

Add some variety to your online casino gameplay with Video Poker. If you're in the mood for a Texas Hold'em style game with an element of skill and a lower house edge, then Video Poker varieties like Jacks or Better, Tens or Better, Double Bonus and Deuces Wild are the perfect choices for you. They offer the intrigue of online poker without the stress of competing against other players. You'll be able to practice your poker strategy on your own against the machine dealer, which makes for a fast-paced, thrilling experience!

Types of Video Poker Games has a wide variety of Video Poker games for you choose from.  Here are some of the more popular variations:

Jacks or Better: Ideal for Video Poker beginners, all you have to do in this game to win is get a Pair of Jacks in your hand or better. Jacks or Better is known for having low variance and above average payouts.

Aces and Faces: This version of Video Poker is similar to Jacks or Better, with the added twist of increased payouts for a Four-of-a-Kind hand with Aces and Face cards.

Deuces Wild:  In this fun variation of Video Poker, all the 2-cards turn into Wild cards. As a result, 3 more prizes are available for the following hands: Four-of-a-Kind Deuces, Five-of-a-Kind and a Wild Royal Flush.

Video Poker Strategy

Because Video Poker is a casino game that is best played with some background knowledge and skill, we recommend you read up on the rules and strategy before hitting the machines. The betting decisions are yours to make, but here are some popular video poker strategies:

  • Hold on to Royal Flush, Straight, Four-of-a-Kind, Full House, Three-of-a-Kind and Pair hands at all times.
  • If you have a Three-of-a-Kind, you should weed out the remaining two cards and hope that a Four-of-a-Kind or Full House will fall into your lap.
  • If you have two Pair, get rid of the outsider card and you might get a Full House.
  • The only time you should break up a Flush or a Straight is when you are just one card short of a Royal Flush.
  • Give up on a Pair (Jacks or Better) if you are just one card short of a Royal Flush or regular Straight Flush.